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"Truckload of Ads" is a different kind of Traffic Builder & Income Producer.  

With most downline builders you have to take the time
to put your links in every site...
but with Truckload of Ads
you can just promote and get paid. Simple! No extra work to do. 

And I expand my advertising reach by using the great
promo codes inside to quality Traffic Sites.
Here are some examples:

For instance you can get a 1000 credits for free at Mail Our List here,
(just use the promo code: NEWMEMBER.

OR ugrade to Truckload of Ads and get 2000 credits on this and a multitude
more of free but good traffic sites (many of which I personally use and can
verify they get good hits).

For example here are some more sites that Truckload of Ads uses and that
I use also (these are clickable if you want to see each of them):

"For Serious Marketers Only" (I get on average 20 hits per mailing),
"Mail our List" (I get on average 40-100 hits per ad)
and "Mail This List". (290-40 hits per ad). 

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